Warning: it is not good to take a shower or swim wearing lenses

Warning: it is not good to take a shower or swim wearing lenses

Swimming and showering with your lenses on may seem like a harmless habit, but in reality, most water sources can cause eye irritation .

In a recent report by the CDC ( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ), the researchers explained that the lenses are subject to absorption and can swell due to impurities and microorganisms contained in tap water, deforming completely. In addition, many waters contain the Acanthamoeba microorganism , which can cause extremely painful eye infection and potentially cause blindness .

The same 2009 study explains that, in 95% of cases, Acanthamoeba infections are due to contact lenses and this happens because the microorganism comes in contact with them and manages to survive in the eye, feeding on the bacteria that populate the surface.

Even washing the lenses with tap water can cause serious damage to the eye , as well as taking a shower or swimming without first removing them. The water from the aqueduct may be pure enough to be drunk, but it is not sterile. Acanthamoeba can be contained in it , therefore, using it to soak your lenses can cause eye infections.

Avoiding making this mistake will protect the cornea from inflammation and damage that can impair vision. The discussion also applies to the water of the aqueduct which is filtered, since bacteria can lurk inside the tap and, from there, enter the water and end up on the lenses.

Do not use lenses beyond the expiration date
Perhaps you are thinking of making a deal using old contact lenses, but in reality, this behavior, after some time, could cost you dearly in terms of medical fees. Old contact lenses are covered with germs and everything that develops from the solution, proteins and other residues. This makes the lenses uncomfortable to wear and can lead to infections.

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